YSRCP commits corruption in a legalized and centralized manner, claims TDP

Telugu Desam Party’s district parliamentary president Pasarla Prasad has claimed that corruption is “legalized and centralized” contrary to the YSR Congress Party’s clean governance claims.

Speaking to a media conference here on Tuesday, Mr. Prasad claimed that while Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy claimed he had saved 8,000 crore by “reverse bidding” in the Polavaram project, the distribution of house building pattas to the poor was a “big” was fraud ‘. No tenders were put out to develop the layouts and 40 crore were drawn for the development of the Jagananna layouts, he said.

The Visakhapatnam Metropolitan Region Development Authority (VMRDA) didn’t even insist on providing basic amenities like 12-meter-wide streets, public areas, and drains, he claimed.

Claiming that the YSRCP leaders were siphoning off funds, the TDP leader said, “They did not even spare the Simhachalam Temple. The shops at the foot of the temple were cleared and reassigned after bribes were collected. ”He claimed that the prime minister’s first signature was an increase in pensions of 250 yen a year, but nothing of the sort had happened.

Mr Jagan had vowed to put a total ban in place, but now alcohol has been flowing despite the COVID-19 situation and the government was minting money by introducing new brands, Mr Prasad claimed.

The official TDP representative Chakravarthi, the organization secretary Satyanarayana, the party leaders Tataji and Choudupalli Narayana Rao were present.

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