Exams take place after COVID has subsided: Suresh

Education Minister Adimulapu Suresh accused the TDP on Tuesday of playing “politics” in holding SSC and mid-term exams.

To allay the fears of students, their parents and teachers, the minister said the government was in no hurry to hold the exams at a time when the second wave of coronavirus was raging.

“However, the government is against the cancellation of the exams. The situation is gradually improving. The exams will only be carried out once the COVID situation is fully under control, ”said the Minister of Education.

Referring to the National Secretary General of the TDP, N. Lokesh, who called for the exams to be canceled, the minister said the MLC was not considering the future of students.

‘Jagananna Thodu’

Earlier in the day, Mr. Suresh distributed checks to some of the beneficiaries of the Jagananna Thodu program. He asked officials to set up a help desk to facilitate sanctioning interest-free loans of 10,000 yen each to beneficiaries.

“The state government is determined to lend a helping hand to small business people, street vendors and artisans despite the financial hardships they face during the pandemic. District officials have drawn up a list of 36,000 people who are eligible for bank loans under the program.

Kommuri Kanaka Rao, Chairman of Madiga Finance Corporation, attended the occasion.

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