Anandaiah increases the production of herbal supplements

B. Anandaiah of Krishnapatnam’s herbal preparation was distributed at a brisk pace on Tuesday, the second day.

Over 80,000 packets of the approved variants of the herbal brew were distributed decentrally in the SPSR district of Nellore. A network of volunteers spread across Sarvepalli and other assembly segments to ensure the packages for those looking for it on their doorstep to avoid a gathering of people violating COVID-compliant behavior.

Another 20,000 parcels were sent to those looking for it in other counties, Mr. Anandaiah said a day after the Supreme Court approved the distribution of the “K” version of the herb preparation. Previously, three other variants were approved by the state government. The High Court gave the government two weeks on Monday to decide on the eye drop option.

Mr Anandaiah said there was great demand for the herbal preparation from those suffering from COVID-19 and urged the state government to provide the ingredients to meet the increased demand for the four state-approved varieties of the herbal preparation.

Meanwhile, the district president of the YSR Congress Party and Sarvepalli MLA assured Mr. Anandaiah that the government would support the delivery of the herbal preparation to patients in need.

Mr. Anandaiah now has limited capacity to make the herbal preparation with his network of volunteers who travel far and wide to mobilize the ingredients.

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