Prison staff attack three year olds – The Hindu

A supervisor at the local sub-prison allegedly left a three-year-old boy with a serious injury to his left eye after throwing him a wrench in Ramachandrapuram town, East Godavari district.

The incident allegedly happened on May 24th. However, he became known on Sunday after the boy’s family filed a complaint with local police.

“D. Ramu, the head of Ramachandrapuram Sub-Prison, tossed the three-year-old boy a wrench when the boy went to the first floor of the house where Mr. Ramu lives. The boy’s eye was badly injured and he is under medical treatment, ”said V. Srinivas, inspector of Ramachandrapuram County The Hindu. Doctors in Visakhapatnam are treating the boy.

“A case has been registered and an investigation is ongoing,” said Mr. Srinivas.

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