Adoni police bring back his mother’s kidnapped baby

Adoni police returned a newborn baby to her parents from a private hospital within 36 hours of their abduction and arrested the defendant.

Kurnool Superintendent of Police Fakeerappa Kaginelli told media representatives on Saturday that a Renuka gave birth to a baby on June 2 at Vamsi Chaitanya Nursing Home in Adoni. A resident of Adoni, Jhansi, who had a son and later suffered three miscarriages, reportedly told her family that she was pregnant. Allegedly, she came into contact with an Ayah, Yashoda, from the nursing home and learned of the deliveries that day.

According to reports, Jhansi paid the Ayah 500 yen and received the rejected placenta. On May 3, she went to the hospital wearing a burkha and allegedly told the couple that she had come from the state maternity and children’s hospital to have the newborn vaccinated.

An unsuspecting Renuka’s husband, Srinivasulu, sent the newborn along with his mother-in-law with Jhansii. After Jhansi reached the hospital in a car, she reportedly asked the child’s grandmother to get a photocopy of her daughter’s aadhaar card. When the woman wanted to get Meise, Jhansi is said to have run away with the child. Police, who teamed up with Adoni II Town Circle Inspector Pamuluri Srinivasulu and eight other staff, arrested the defendant on Friday after tracking down her cell phone number and attempting to identify her from CCTV footage in several places.

The driver of the last auto rickshaw Jhansi took home helped the police rescue the girl.

Police Director General Gautam Sawang paid tribute to Kurnool SP for their speedy action and Deputy Police Commissioner Vinod Kumar along with his team members for their efforts in finding the kidnapped child.

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