Police commend voluntary organizations for COVID services

The state police on Friday congratulated representatives of various voluntary organizations who are doing selfless service to the public during the second wave of COVID on Friday.

Police Director General D. Gautam Sawang praised the services of organizations and individuals who have gone out of their way to help those in need in a virtual meeting with representatives of volunteer organizations from all districts.

“The fight against COVID has seen many unsung heroes. Many of these heroes rose from the general public and even helped those affected by Covid to enable the deceased to have a dignified final journey. We welcome the contribution of all these selfless citizens of our country. In a small gesture on our part to honor some of them who have shown kindness and all the values ​​that make us human, ”said Mr. Sawang.

“The second wave also lost many lives in the police force. In these circumstances, we are very proud of all of our employees and those who stood by us during these difficult times. We are grateful to all of these organizations and individuals who have supported and joined us to serve the citizens, ”said Sawang.

Police recognized 46 non-governmental organizations, individuals and teams that have provided services to those affected by COVID.

While the majority of them attended the virtual conference, some of them attended the meeting in person at the police headquarters. Mr. Sawang congratulated them and presented them with memorabilia in recognition of their services.

The recognized organizations from the Krishna and Guntur districts are SD Khaza and Friends Circle, Vijayawada Helping Hands Group, Guntur COVID Fighters Team, Amma Charitable Trust, Rudra Charitable Trust, Kismath Seva Samstha, Sree Sivalingeswara Swamy Bhatka Brunda Seva Samiti, Satyam Sival Sundaram Samiti Sevakend and Vavila Prajwalana Samsta.

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