The fortress city falls silent shortly before noon

After police decided to strictly adhere to the curfew, the city saw a dramatic change in traffic on Thursday, in sharp contrast to the day before. The usual buzz was missing and the streets looked deserted by 11:30 a.m. and people were coming home long before the curfew began. It was only the police who moved.

The people who moved relaxed between 12 and 1.30 p.m. had a bitter experience in the last few days. Despite criticism of closing all streets after 12 p.m., police decided to be strict in implementing the rules to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Until Wednesday, the shops and businesses in almost all markets remained open after noon. Even though some of them were closed for lunch, it took shop staff and customers an hour to get home. All types of vehicles were even on the streets until 2:00 p.m. Three-Lamp Junction, Clock Tower-PW Market Area, Kanyakaparameswari Temple Junction, MG Street and other places also had normal traffic beyond the set hours.

Orders from SP

However, things changed after Police Superintendent B. Raja Kumari reviewed the situation and made it clear that curfew times would be strictly adhered to.

“People should make arrangements to finish their work before noon. We have no choice but to book cases of curfew violations. At the same time, we have instructed the staff not to be rude in their dealings with the public, ”said Ms. Raja Kumari.

DSP (Transport) L. Mohana Rao urged representatives of NGOs to obtain prior authorization for the distribution of food packages to those in need during the curfew.

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