Ayurvedic practitioners applaud the government. Nod for Anandaiah’s herbal supplement

Ayurveda practitioners hailed the state government’s decision to allow delivery of Boningi Anandaiah’s herbal supplement, which is reported to help COVID-19 patients recover quickly.

The state government, after careful deliberation, allowed the herbal preparation to be delivered, but advised that it should not be used as an eye drop to treat COVID.

Several Ayurvedic practitioners hoped that traditional medicine would gain popularity with the decision of the state government.

“Unfortunately, Ayurveda has never achieved its due importance, although it has a long history. Many families, including Anandaiah’s family, prepare the medicine the traditional way. The government made the right decision that many patients have longed for, ”said P. Kalyani, an Ayurveda practitioner.

Another practitioner, Pulipati Siva Kalyan, believed that Mr. Anandaiah’s medicine was similar to Siddha medicine, which is popular in Tamil Nadu. “Ayurveda systematically heals even feared diseases. Even the Union government has recommended some herbal medicines for COVID-19, ”he said.

Pavan Yamali, founder of the Kerala Ayurvedic Clinic-Vizianagaram, said The Hindu that thanks to Mr. Anandaiah, people understood the importance of herbal medicines. Puvvada Anjaneyulu and the chairman of the Puvvada Bhaskara Rao Memorial Charitable Trust, Puvvada Srihari, who offered free Ayurvedic services to COVID-19 patients, thanked Prime Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy for giving the green light to Mr. Anandaiah’s herbal supplement as it was free and without side influenced.

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