Mother of deceased toddler taken into custody

The case of a three-year-old girl who died under suspicious circumstances in Marikavalasa on June 1 took a dirty turn on Thursday when the girl’s father accused his estranged wife of killing her.

The deceased girl was identified as Sindhu Sri, 3, daughter of Fr. Ramesh Kumar and Varalakshmi. The couple had split up some time ago due to differences, and Varalakshmi had been living with a man named Jagadeesh Reddy ever since. Sindhu Sri was in Varalakshmi’s custody.

On June 1, Sindhu Sri allegedly suffered from a fever and was transferred to a private hospital in Madhurawada, where she was pronounced dead. It is revealed that Varalakshmi and Jagadeesh allegedly buried Sindhu’s body without informing Ramesh of their death. Varalakshmi reportedly informed Ramesh of her daughter’s death on June 2.

Ramesh turned to Prime Minister Palem’s police force and filed a complaint accusing Varalakshmi and Jagadeesh of murdering Sindhu Sri. PM Palem Police recorded a case under Section 174 of the CrPC (Suspected Death).

Tension prevailed when a police team traveled to Marikavalasa to arrest Varalakshmi for further investigation into the case. A mob reportedly tried to attack Varalakshmi after hearing about the incident.

The police exhumed the girl’s body and sent her for an autopsy.

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