Awareness week for level crossings started


The Waltair Division started an awareness week on Thursday as part of International Level Crossing Day on June 10th.

The aim of the awareness campaign to be organized under the direction of Divisional Railway Manager Chetan Kumar Shrivastava and Senior Divisional Safety Officer NR Sahoo is to create awareness of the dangers at level crossings and to inform road users and pedestrians about safe behavior at level crossings.

International Level Crossing Awareness Day (ILCAD) is a level crossing safety awareness campaign organized by the International Union of Railways (UIC) with the support of the railroad community around the world, according to a statement from Senior Divisional Commercial Manager AK Tripath.

As part of ILCAD, awareness-raising campaigns are carried out at the LC gates. Awareness campaigns were carried out at various public squares, level crossings and important junctions in the city with the support of civil defense personnel and security advisors.

Mr Shrivastava called on the public to comply with all rules regarding the barriers to level crossings and to avoid crossing under the closed LC gate. The senior DSO advised the public to be vigilant when approaching the LC gate.

Motorists, autorickshaw users and residents of areas near the LC gates were given advice and leaflets were distributed by civil defense personnel. Banners were displayed to educate the public about LC awareness.


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