NTR Trust is building two oxygen plants in Telangana


Four plants are in AP. built

The NTR Memorial Trust has decided to build two more oxygen plants to meet the oxygen demand caused by COVID.

The two new plants would be built in Telangana state. The new plants are in addition to the four plants that are already being built in Andhra Pradesh with funds from Heritage CSR.

NTR Trust Managing Trustee Nara Bhuvaneswari said they have decided to build the two new oxygen facilities in Telangana. The NTR Trust has been particularly focused on providing oxygen as it has a key role in saving the lives of COVID-19 patients from death, she said.

Ms. Bhuvaneswari thanked the donors for making selfless contributions to the trust to help advance its service activities on a large scale. So far, over ugu25 Lakh donations have been received from both Telugu states. The Telugu Desam fans from New Zealand donated la5 lakh to continue the trust’s services.

The NTR Trust has begun conducting funeral rites for uncollected corpses of COVID patients whose family members, for various reasons, were unable to take responsibility for performing the final rites. These final rites would be performed in accordance with the customs of the deceased patients, she said.

Many donors came forward to bolster the services of the NTR Trust. Guthikonda Veerabhadra Rao, who is from Krishna County, donated 1,111,116 yen. The trust has conducted telemedicine, free drug distribution and food distribution activities for those COVID patients in need, Ms. Bhuvaneswari said.

The Trust has provided telemedical services to 690 patients to date, and 326 of them have fully recovered from the deadly infection. In addition, an exclusive 24/7 call center has been set up in the NTR Trust office to provide services to COVID patients around the clock. WhatsApp services are also offered to reach patients. Specialists from foreign doctors give advice free of charge, she said.


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