Chittor dt. Sees spurt in black mushroom cases

The number of black fungus cases in the Chittoor district has increased steadily over the past 10 days. On Wednesday the number moved closer to 200.

The government hospitals in Tirupati and Chittoor treat the lion’s share of patients, followed by private hospitals in Vellore and Chennai.

Cause for concern

SVRR Hospital officials said the black fungus episode is a cause for concern as a dozen patients report for admission every day. About 70 cases of black fungus are currently being treated in the hospital, excluding outpatients.

“We have enough beds in the SVRR hospital for mucormycosis cases and there is no shortage of medication. However, many patients rush to the hospital asking for admission because they cannot afford the high cost of medication for treatment, ”said a senior doctor at the hospital.

“Not a serious case”

Although some patients had undergone surgery to remove parts around the sinuses, there hasn’t been a serious case that required amputation of the face, he added.

COVD-19 story

A senior official at Chittoor County Government Hospital said 90% of cases suffering from mucormycosis have tested positive for COVID-19 in the past. The smaller segment of black fungus cases with no history of COVID-19 infection has for the most part not been reported.

“While the affluent counties prefer black mushroom treatment in other corporate hospitals in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, the state hospitals get cases from the poorer counties,” he said.

A small number of patients with milder black fungus infestation turn to private ENT specialists in Tirupati and Chennai.

“No shortage of medication”

When contacted, SVRR Hospital Superintendent T. Bharati said that black fungus cases are slowly increasing. “It is true that many patients come to us for admission because of the high cost of mucormycosis medication. We are currently not lacking in medication, ”said Dr. Bharati.

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