Anandaiah is restarting the process of making herbal preparations

One day after the state government approved three types of herbal preparations following the intervention of the Andhra Pradesh Supreme Court, Ayurveda practitioner B. Anandaiah began elaborate preparations on Tuesday to mobilize the ingredients for the manufacture of the herbal variants.

The commissioner of AYUSH V. Ramulu said on Monday that the herbal concoction was not an Ayurvedic medicine and that no side effects were found. People could take the supplement as a dietary supplement that could boost immunity, he had said.

Sales talks

The district collector KVN Chakradhar Babu from SPSR Nellore, together with the police commissioner Bhaskar Bhushan and the deputy collector MN Harendhira Prasad, had hectic discussions about the possibilities of enabling the distribution of the permitted variants without violating the COVID-appropriate behavior and the current partial curfew.

“The decentralized distribution of the variants will begin on Monday,” said District President of the YSR Congress Party and MLA of Sarvepalli Kakani Govardhan Reddy, who emerged from the talks with the officials together with Mr. Anandaiah. Priority will be given to those seeking relief for the viral disease while the spread of the virus resumes, he said.

Mr Anandaiah said it would take him at least four to five days to source the ingredients from different locations through a network of volunteers.


No one should try to visit Krishnapatnam or Nellore for the herbal supplements, Mr Bhaskar Bhushan said after reviewing security in Krishnapatnam and other places along the way, including the Chennai-Kolkata highway, to prevent the big rush like he did before was observed.

The variants of preparation would only be made available to those looking for them via India Post or private courier service after taking online orders, they clarified. The preparation would only be distributed in close coordination with finance and police officers.

Mr. Govardhan Reddy thanked Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy for his quick action and the green signal for the use of three variants of the herbal preparation. The state government will make a decision on Mr. Anandaiah’s eye drop variant, which is used to treat critical cases that require oxygen therapy, after the ongoing studies are completed, he added.

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