9 day old girl defeats COVID-19 – The Hindu

She was in a pvt on ventilators for many days. Hospital before recovery

A nine day old girl who tested positive for COVID-19 was successfully treated here in a private clinic.

The baby was referred to Medicover hospitals with severe respiratory morbidity and mechanically ventilated in the neonatal intensive care unit. Initial results indicated pneumonia. The baby was given high-end IV antibiotics. In anticipation of postnatally acquired COVID infection, an RTPCR was performed which confirmed it was positive.

The baby was isolated and ventilation, nursing and specialist care continued around the clock. She received remdesivir IV for five days. Given severe lung involvement, inflammatory markers were sent that were greatly increased. She was given intravenous steroids for five days. Her condition gradually improved and she was weaned on non-invasive ventilation. The total duration of mechanical ventilation was seven days and she was weaned to room air on the 30th day after birth.

Dr. Senior neonatologist Sai Sunil Kishore said the expert treatment and 24/7 monitoring by a team of doctors and staff helped the baby recover from the deadly virus. The baby was discharged after 26 days in the hospital, he said.

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