SRM student receives copyright for environmentally friendly face shield design


P. Mohan Aditya, a student at SRM University-AP, has obtained the copyright for the design of a biodegradable human face shield.

The mechanical engineering student in the third year of study developed a useful face shield made from biodegradable substances and named it “Facial Shield 2.0” because it is an improved version of the ordinary face shield. The innovative features added helped him acquire the copyright.

Last year, on May 16, Aditya filed an application with the Indian Patent Office in Calcutta for the design of the face shield according to IPR (Intellectual Property Rights). This year, a copyright was granted with design application number 329364–001.

The face protection 2.0 serves as external protection of the mucous membranes (nose, eyes and mouth), comes with a transparent visor made of a thin layer of 175 micrometers reusable plastic and a heavy-duty headband made of 3-layer corrugated cardboard. The bursting strength of the cardboard is 16 kg / cm², which is quite robust and yet light. At an affordable price of ₹ 15, it comes with an elastic band that is adjustable for all head sizes.

Education Minister Adimulapu Suresh, who met the student in the secretariat, praised his efforts. “Because of environmental concerns, I chose reusable plastic and cardboard that are easily degradable,” he said.

Father Satyanarayana, President of SRM University-AP, Vice Chancellor VS Rao and Pro-Vice Chancellor D. Narayana Rao congratulated him.


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