First crowd-financed COVID station in Dharmavaram. set up

A crowdfunded 30-bed oxygen-assisted COVID-19 ward became a reality in Dharmavaram on Saturday.

Mr. Madhusudhan first donated a month’s salary and then appealed to the public to donate generously to their own cause. On Saturday morning, 36 donors generously responded with pooling in 20.5 lakh and the first 30 bed ward finished for ₹ 11 lakh. The team is now busy expanding the facility to 50 beds over the next few days as the positivity rate in rural pockets increases.

“Among the most valuable donations were 10 yen from an 85-year-old woman and 50,000 yen from a group of school children who pooled their pocket money to support the cause,” said Madhusudhan. Other donors included a number of NGOs, city staff, silk saril shop owners and the general public.

The hospital now has 12 oxygen cylinders connected to a network of pipes to ensure that each bed is supplied. The facility also has some advanced laboratory facilities linked to Spandana Local Diagnostics for instant digital X-ray and other blood tests on-site on the hospital premises. Cell counters and semi-automatic analysis devices have also been set up and the food supply is provided according to the regulations of the state government. Dharmavaram MLA Kethireddy Venkatarami Reddy inaugurated the facility.

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