Detained for “gambling” 79, ₹ 48.75 lakh restored

The Special Enforcement Bureau (SEB) and the Guntur Land Police raided a gambling den in the village of Chintaravu in Nizampatnam Mandal on Friday evening and arrested 21 people. They confiscated 42.58 yen in cash, a money counting machine, 27 boxes of cards, 153 plastic coins, 32 cell phones, 22 cars, eight motorcycles and a generator.

An aquarium owned by a Bhusankara Rao was playing when the joint teams from SEB and Repalle police raided the site.

In another raid, Bapatla Rural police raided a Mopidevi Nagaraju gambling den in Mundredu village and arrested 58 people, as well as seized 6.17 lakh in cash, 20 cars, 16 motorcycles and two electric generators.

In total, the police arrested 79 people and confiscated ₹ 48.75 lakh. The SEB was founded to whip a whip against illegal mining, liquor sales and gambling.

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