AP reports 94 COVID deaths, 13,400 new infections in one day

The state reported 94 deaths from the coronavirus and 13,400 infections in 24 hours that ended Sunday morning. The total death toll reached 10,832 while the cumulative number rose to 16,85,142. With 21,133 new restores last day, the number rose to 8/15,515.

The recovery rate also rose to 89.52%, while the number of active cases in the state was estimated at 1,65,795. The daily positivity rate of 84,232 samples tested on the last day was 15.91%, the lowest for the last month.

The gradual decrease in the daily positivity rate suggests a decrease in the incidence of infections in the state. The overall positivity rate of the 1.91 crore samples tested so far remained at 8.79%.

No respite for Chittoor

Meanwhile, Chittoor reported 14 more deaths, the highest among the districts. It was followed by Prakasam and West Godavari, each reporting nine deaths, while Anantapur, East Godavari, Srikakulam and Visakhapatnam each reporting eight deaths.

Krishna and Vizianagaram districts reported six deaths each, and Kurnool and Nellore each reported five deaths. Similarly, Guntur and Kadapa each reported four deaths.

East Godavari reported 2,598 new infections, the highest among the districts. It was followed by Chittoor (1,971), Anantapur (1,215) and Visakhapatnam (1,054). All other counties reported fewer than a thousand new infections. These include West Godavari (968), Krishna (858), Guntur (848), Prakasam (838), Kurnool (712), Kadapa (701), Nellore (652), Srikakulam (623) and Vizianagaram (362).

The district numbers were as follows: East Godavari (2.23.713), Chittoor (1.89.806), Guntur (1.49.130), West Godavari (1.40.511), Anantapur (1.37.754), Visakhapatnam (1.36.621), Nellore (1.17.679), Kurnool (1.14.716), Srikakulam (1.08.753), Prakasam (1.06.761), Kadapa (94.410), Krishna (88.331) and Vizianagaram (74.062).

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