To empower women in AP. To make it a reality

The state has issued 88,040 cr to date. on initiatives for women to become self-employed

To empower women by raising their status through awareness-raising and training, the government has launched many initiatives in the state over the past two years.

The state has so far disbursed Yen 88,040.29 billion for women’s development by reaching women from different walks of life through various programs.

House square pattas house

Control of liquor sales led to peace in many families, while 27,000 crore for welfare programs such as the provision of 30.76,000 pattas in the house square and the norm that the house must be registered in the names of the women in the family have contributed financial Empowerment of the beneficiaries.

Be it YSR Aasara, where 77,75,681 DWACRA women were paid over 6,310.68 crore in installments to repay their outstanding bank loans, or the YSR Zero Interest Scheme for Women, where the government pays the interest on loans from SHG, the pays the installment on time, they should help the fairer sex to become independent. Under the YSR Zero Interest Scheme, 98,000,626 SHG women benefited from 2,354.22 billion.

YSR Cheyutha

To address the self-sufficiency issue, YSR Cheyutha was introduced for women in the 45-60 age group from SC, ST, BC and other minority sections who receive a grant of 75,000 yen at the rate of 18,750 yen per year. over four years.

Beneficiaries are encouraged to open a grocery store or buy cattle. In addition to banks, the government is working with companies such as Amul, ITC, HUL and Reliance to improve beneficiaries’ business opportunities through technical assistance, training and marketing assistance. So far, around 69,000 shops have been set up as part of the program. The government has so far spent 4,604.13 billion yen on 24,55,534 beneficiaries.

Women belonging to the Kapu, Balija, Ontari and Telaga castes are insured under Kapu Nestham and have received 15,000 yen annually. The government has spent $ 491.79 billion in reaching 3,27,862 lakh women.

Sampoorna Poshana

While YSR Sampoorna Poshana focuses on the prevention of malnutrition in pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and children, YSR EBC Nestham focuses on the welfare of economically backward Brahmins, Velama, Kshatriya, Kamma, Reddy, Muslims and other poor upper caste women. Under Jagananna Jeeva Kranthi, women are encouraged to be self-employed by buying cattle.

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