Oxygen concentrators for the aftercare of COVID patients

Poosarla Sunitha, president of the Central Rotary Club of Vizianagaram, said follow-up care is important to regain previous energy for COVID-19 patients.

She started supplying oxygen concentrators to patients as part of the aftercare facility. She thanked the President of the U.S. NRI Vasavi Association, Pandiri Srinivas Narayanam Charitable Trust member Narayanam Srinivas, for working with the club on the supply concentrators that would generate medical oxygen to ensure rapid patient recovery.

The elected Governor of the Rotary Club Madipilli Narayana Rao, Representative Grandhi Sarvaraya Gupta, KRKRaju were present. In another press release, the club’s former governor D. Varada Reddy said that all clubs in the North Andhra region were advised to extend their services to poor patients in rural areas as they did not have immediate access to medical facilities.

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