Newborns with rare diseases who recover after treatment

A newborn baby diagnosed with COVID-19 Pediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome (MISC) and newborn purpura fulminans, a rare combination of diseases in an infant, was clinically recovered in a private hospital here.

The head of the children’s service and director of the Andhra Hospital, Dr. PV Rama Rao said in a virtual press conference that the baby was hospitalized on the seventh day after birth with extensive skin lesions and a high fever.

“The skin lesions in shades of black, red, and blue appeared on the waist, abdomen, buttocks, and legs 16 hours after birth, along with ulcers in some places, and worsened over the next four days. The baby was diagnosed with purpura fulminans and MIS-C, ”he said.

“Although the mother and baby tested negative for COVID-19 in the Rt-PCR test, their COVID-IgG antibody test was positive, which indicates transplacental transmission of antibodies from the mother to the baby. Blood tests showed high white blood cell counts, an increase in markers of inflammation such as C-reactive protein, and others. The baby was treated with immunoglobulins, steroids, and blood thinners. Pediatric surgeons performed operations and removed the infected and dead skin lesions. The skin started to heal, the fever went down and the baby is now feeding, ”said Dr. Rama Rao. The baby would need more surgery and continuous medication, he added.

Children and adolescents were at risk of developing MIS-C two to three weeks after an acute COVID-19 illness. Symptoms include fever for at least three days, vomiting, diarrhea, skin lesions, conjunctivitis, enlarged lymph nodes, and heart failure, he said.

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