Man kills teenagers because of affair with underage daughter


A 24-year-old boy who was reportedly dating a 17-year-old girl was murdered in the village of Pengaragunta in Palamaner Mandal and his body was chopped into pieces by the girl’s father.

The shocking incident occurred on the night of May 22nd. The defendant is said to have buried the youth’s body parts in three pits. After police received a complaint on Thursday about the youngster’s disappearance, police opened an investigation on Friday and exhumed the youngster’s decomposed parts of the body.

The police announced details of the case on Friday. The late youth, identified as Dhanasekhar, had entered into a relationship with the 17-year-old and would visit her house at night when her father went to his farm on night watch.

On May 22nd, Dhanasekhar went to the girl’s home at 10:00 pm and told his family that he would meet a friend and be back in an hour. However, he has not returned since then and his cell phone was also switched off. After the family searched for him for days, the family finally filed a complaint with the Palamaner police on May 27. Aware of Dhanasekhar’s relationship with the underage girl, the family informed the police that they suspected the girl’s family to be involved in his disappearance.

As a result of the complaint, Deputy Police Commissioner (Palamaner) CM Gangaiah formed a special group to track down Dhanasekhar. Checking the call details revealed that the last call the teen answered was from his girlfriend. Police then arrested the girl’s father early on Friday morning, who reportedly revealed the details of the murder when interrogated.

The deputy SP said that the defendant Babu (name changed) returned home on the night of May 22 when he saw Dhanasekhar at his home. Angry, Babu attacked him with a bamboo stick and killed him on the spot. Fearing a police operation, Babu dumped Dhanasekhar’s body in a nearby farm well. Knowing that the body would soon be floating upstairs, Babu looked for a place to bury the body.

Then he dug three pits in a place designated for the construction of a shop. On May 26th, when Dhanasekhar’s body reappeared, Babu fished it out, cut it into several pieces, and buried it in the pits.

The police exhumed the body parts from the pits on Friday morning and ordered an autopsy at the same location. One case was registered and the defendant was sent to pre-trial detention. Police said they will also investigate allegations made by Babu’s family members against Dhanasekhar’s family regarding the murder of the youth.


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