“Center, state indifferent to human suffering”

APCC President S. Sailajanath on Saturday accused state and central governments of indifferent to people’s problems due to the unprecedented surge in the COVID-19 pandemic.

The chief of Congress took part in a protest in front of the Andhra Ratna Bhavan here as part of the party’s national protest against the government’s “inaction” in the wake of the pandemic and the rise in prices.

Instead of giving people financial support, the center has carried out a steep increase in the price of gasoline and diesel. The rise in fuel prices had a cascading impact on the prices of major commodities, he claimed.

The intensity of the second wave of pandemics had shaken the country and many people infected with the virus lost their jobs. The Modi government at the center had ignored warnings from medical experts about the impending second wave that led to the current crisis, he said, adding that the YSRCP government itself in the state had done nothing to address the sufferings of the people people affected by the pandemic. The government’s callous stance had resulted in the virus claiming more and more lives.

The party leaders Naraharisetty Narasimha Rao, the chairman of the legal department Gurunatham, the chairman of SC Cell K. Vijay Kumar, the chairman of Seva Dal Y. Reddy, the general secretary Chilaka Vijay Kumar, the party leaders PY Kiran, M. Suresh and others attended.

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