“Recreational Therapy” helps police personnel defeat the virus

In order to ensure a quick recovery of the police personnel infected with the coronavirus, the Prakasam Police have set up a COVID care center with 100 beds, where the patients are not only treated better, but also take every care to strengthen their morale.

As part of the initiative of Prakasam Superintendent of Police Siddharth Kaushal, patients undergo “recovery therapy” in the COVID Care Center. Providing state-of-the-art health facilities, including oxygen concentrators, is not enough to ensure a speedy recovery, according to the SP, but the environment in which they are treated also plays a role.

“Many police officers and their family members fall into depression after being infected. I have insisted that mental stamina combined with good treatment can ensure a quick recovery, ”said Mr. Kaushal. For around 250 employees and their family members who are receiving treatment at the COVID Care Center, arrangements have been made for light music.

The female staff receiving treatment is also encouraged to take a break from everyday life and demonstrate their artistic talent by participating in the Rangoli competition.

Sports exercises

Around 200 employees recovered after treatment in the COVID Care Center and resumed their work. For them, the day starts with a morning walk, physical exercise, yoga and meditation on the spacious grounds near the CCC.

“I got infected for the second time. When I was first infected, I was treated at Government General Hospital. The CCC has taken every precaution to ensure that we relax in a good atmosphere, ”said Ongole I Town CI Ch.Sitaramaiah.

“‘We don’t need to worry anymore as the CCC has all the facilities to take care of us and our family members,” said policewoman P.Sridevi, who had recently recovered.

The staff thanked Dr. Bhanumathi, Medical Officer of Prakasam District Police Residential Clinic, for providing the best health services in a comfortable atmosphere at the CCC

Personnel from all wings including the Special Enforcement Bureau, Vigilance & Enforcement Department, AP Transco, General Railway Police, Navy, APSP Battalion, Home Guards, Intelligence Branch Wing will be treated at the CCC. The CCC’s services were later extended to include the secretaries of the village women and the staff of the central armed forces.

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