City sizzles under heat wave conditions

The city staggered in heatwave conditions for the second consecutive year on Thursday. This is attributed to the very severe cyclone Yaas, which crossed the coast at Balasore in Odisha on Wednesday.

Visakhapatnam Airport recorded 41 degrees Celsius on Thursday evening while Waltair (urban areas closer to the coast) recorded 41.4 degrees Celsius. The temperature measured at the airport was lower than the 42.2 ° C measured on Wednesday. Waltair measured 41.4 ° C on Wednesday.

Waltair recorded 8.2 ° C above the average normal temperature of 33 ° C on Wednesday. The average normal temperature at Visakhapatnam Airport at this time of the year is 36.4 ° C. The temperature measured on Wednesday was 5.8 ° above normal.

The sharp rise in temperature is attributed to the cyclone, which sucked moisture into the system from the coastal areas. The normal humidity in the atmosphere, which is between 70 and 80% in Visakhapatnam, dropped to 18% in the city on Wednesday.

“The cyclone system attracts strong, humid winds from the lower troposphere and stops the sea breeze. The trough line from the center of the cyclone system runs southwest along and off the coast of Andhra. The lack of humid currents and dry hot winds from the northwest caused the significant increase in daytime temperature, ”said PV Rama Rao, a retired director of IMD I The Hindu.

Maximum temperatures will likely be 2 to 4 degrees above normal in isolated locations in North Coast AP on May 28 and 29, in South Coast AP on May 29, 30, 31, and in Rayalaseema on May 30.

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