Ryots vows to cause a long stir

Despite a prohibition order, the farmers held a black flag demonstration here in front of Prakasam Bhavan on Wednesday at the request of the Samyukta Kisan Morcha (SKM) to mark the six-month struggle against the three farm laws.

At the head of the protest in front of Prakasam Bhavan was All India Kisan Sangharsh, Prakasam District Coordinating Committee, chap. Ranga Rao said it was regrettable that the Union government remained indifferent despite the protracted struggle of farmers.

The farmers brought up slogans to push for the repeal of the “black” laws and to legally support the minimum price support regime proposed by the well-known agronomist MS Swaminathan.

In Podili, the Pradesh Congress spokesman Sk.Saida criticized the state government for sticking to the centre’s line of phasing out electricity subsidies for farmers. The Congress party will take a leadership role in mobilizing all opposition parties to fight farmers in the center against the NDA government, he said.

Similar protests were organized in all mandalas calling for all plants to be obtained from MSP in the Rythu Bharosa centers.

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