A field study of the effects of partial lockdown on traditional professions is beginning in Andhra Pradesh


Backward classes Welfare Minister Chap. Venu Gopala Krishna said Thursday that the state government is studying the effects of a partial lockdown on people who make a living from their traditional professions.

Mr. Venu Gopala Krishna has received information from the farm workers, rice field porters and traditional peg cutters about the impact of the partial lockdown on their daily lives and occupation. The minister will also meet with the hand weavers to examine the existing marketing system and the implications for day-to-day work and trade in his own assembly segment, Ramachandrapuram in the East Godavari district.

“I have received input from people associated with various traditional professions to investigate the effects of COVID-19 restrictions and the partial bans on their regular lives. The idea of ​​understanding the implications of the lockdown is to examine options to expand state government support, ”said Venu Gopala Krishna.

“Prime Minister YSJaganmohan Reddy has sought to contribute to the impact of the lockdown on traditional professions and their current state of life. It is a fact that the traditional professions have been badly hit and many of them are vulnerable as they are forced to continue their job in order to make a living, “said Venu Gopala Krishna.

Regarding the life of the vertebrae knocker, Mr. Venu Gopala Krishna said, “The vertebrae knocker should attend the tree three times a day to tap the vertebra every day. Such a working condition for people like today’s knockers increases the risk of infection with the COVID-19. “The minister has given face masks to the vertebrae cutters in the Ramachandrapuram assembly segment, warning them to be vigilant when selling the vertebra to customers.

Mr. Venu Gopala Krishna has directed the agricultural department officials and management of various food processing units to maintain a safe working environment for workers to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


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