1,900 kg of ganja at Narsipatnam. confiscated

In a large catch, the district police arrested two people on Thursday on the outskirts of the police station in the city of Narsipatnam, here in the district, and seized around 1,900 kg of ganja.

The ganja, which was supposed to be sold in some northern states, would have raised nearly 2 billion yen, police said.

According to initial information from the police, which was based on credible information, they intercepted a van near the Degree College intersection and recorded the case. The smugglers, believed to be from Odisha, procured the ganja from inland Darakonda in the Visakhapatnam district. They were supposed to be moving the ganja to the freeway, from where a few other strangers were waiting to take it over.

To avoid police control, the smugglers hid the ganja bags under a load of mangoes in the van. However, during the inspection, the ganja was confiscated.

Narsipatnam City Police recorded cases under the appropriate sections.

Transport quantity

It should be noted that the district police have confiscated around 3,000 kg of dry ganja since Wednesday. On Wednesday, Araku police seized around 1,140 kg of ganja in the Araku Valley and arrested two people from Madhya Pradesh.

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