Oxygen audit ensures a smooth supply of life-saving gas: officially

The strict monitoring and auditing of the supply and supply of liquid medical oxygen to COVID facilities initiated by the county administration has ended the uncertainty about the availability of the life-saving gas for patients.

Joint Collector AS Dinesh Kumar has been overseeing the supply of oxygen to private and government hospitals and other health facilities where the coronavirus patients are treated.

The hospitals, which were overwhelmed by the steady increase in patient numbers during the second wave of pandemics, had difficulties as facilities in meeting the high demand for medical oxygen.

Mr. Dinesh Kumar visited the oxygen facilities in Guntur and monitored the oxygen supply to the 70 reported hospitals in the district, including six state hospitals and 16 COVID care centers.

Real-time analysis

“The district administration carried out an oxygen audit and agreed a real-time analysis of the oxygen supply for both state and private hospitals. The Government General Hospital in Guntur has a 30 MT oxygen system, which played a central role during the test period. We asked the private clinics to provide information on their oxygen needs. Because of the dashes, the industrial department is authorized to deliver oxygen. The oxygen demand was reduced from 82 MT to 52 MT, ”said Dinesh Kumar.

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