Avoid Unscientific Methods for Curing COVID: Minister

Backward classes Welfare Minister Chap. Venu Gopala Krishna on Monday appealed to people not to practice unscientific medical practices instead of consulting doctors on how to cure COVID-19.

“Many people have lost their lives by resorting to unscientific medical practices. See a doctor as soon as symptoms of COVID are detected, “Venu Gopala Krishna told reporters after opening a 12-bed Village COVID Care Center (V-CCC) in the village of Vella, East Godavari district.

“The state government has provided all facilities, including COVID-19 testing, medical treatment, and COVID care facilities. These facilities should be used, ”said the minister.

V-CCC facility

Government schools are being converted into V-CCCs, providing isolation facilities for patients who do not have enough space in their homes to self-isolate.

“The V-CCC is run by the village committee under the direction of the Sarpanch to support the employees of the nearest Primary Health Center. The V-CCC enables family members to maintain a physical distance from patients to prevent the disease from spreading further in the villages, “said Venu Gopala Krishna.

In East Godavari District, thousands of COVID-19 patients isolated at home have been moved from their homes to the V-CCCs. Patients would only be hospitalized in the event of further treatment as recommended by doctors.

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