Conditional deposit for Sangam Dairy Duo


The high court granted Dhulipalla Narendra Kumar, former MLA and chairman of Sangam Dairy, and its executive director P. Gopala Krishnan bail on Monday on the grounds that the duo had been infected with COVID-19 and that prosecutors could collect most of that required material in the form of documents.

Judge K. Suresh Reddy passed the order on the condition that the defendant remain within the boundaries of the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation for four weeks from the day he was released from Rajamahendravaram Prison, and forwarded his address to the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB ) who have been instructed to post notices 24 hours in advance if their presence is necessary for the investigation of the case.

Mr Narendra Kumar and Mr Gopala Krishnan are charged with irregularities in the administration of Sangam Dairy for which cases have been booked under various sections of India’s Criminal Code and Corruption Prevention Act.

The main allegation is that Mr Narendra Kumar fraudulently registered the Guntur District Milk Producers Mutual Cooperative Association (which he chaired) as Sangam Milk Producers Company Limited under the Companies Act by liaising with what was then the MDK Has. Gopinadh, County Cooperative Officer M. Gurunadham, and others.

Mr Narendra Kumar is also charged with conspiring with Mr Gopala Krishnan to pass certain union resolutions in favor of his family-owned Dhulipalla Veeraiah Chowdary Memorial Trust.


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