ASHA employees are looking for masks, disinfectants and gloves

Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA) employees protested and, in addition to risk prevention, demanded the delivery of masks, disinfectants and gloves.

ASHA workers, led by the ASHA Workers Union (CITU), held banners and placards and posted slogans in front of the city’s PHC on Monday in Allipuram to demand recognition of their services. They wore masks and pulled black stoles over their shoulders, and complained about the government’s failure to recognize their services.

Union Honorary President Fr. Mani said the ASHA workers were doing their duty to put their lives in danger, but they were often criticized by officials. They took care of vaccinations, pregnant women, childbirth cases and carried out fever tests and were exposed to severe psychological stress. Instead of encouraging her and appreciating her work, the officials demoralized her, she claimed.

The other claims made by ASHA workers include payment of £ 50 lakh in compensation to the families of those who lost their lives in the service, the allocation of beds to ASHA workers and their COVID-19 affected family members, the fee of £ 10,000 per month in a single installment, providing a mobile phone to work online, implementing welfare systems and excluding pregnant ASHA workers and those with long-term health problems from COVID obligations.

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