The state can postpone the SSC exams, but not cancel them

They should take place from June 7th; Student health and safety, teachers first: ministers

Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal convened a meeting on Sunday to discuss the key issue of running the CBSE grade 12 exams, as well as other key issues related to the country’s colleges, amid the undiminished rise in COVID-19 cases .

State education ministers and secretaries will also attend the meeting.

The meeting is eagerly awaited by the students and parents who hope for a clear picture of the board exams.

In the state, the class 10 (SSC) exams are scheduled to be held from June 7th. Although the government has claimed that the exams are being conducted on schedule, sources in the department say the exams are being conducted in such a framework that high numbers of COVID-19 positive cases may not be possible.

“The government does not currently intend to cancel the crucial exams, but plans to postpone the exam dates further,” said one official.

With the pandemic situation not easing and with not many days left for the scheduled exam dates, no one can imagine that the government can barely afford to continue its decision to conduct the exams, the official added.

Education Minister A. Suresh, meanwhile, said the safety of students and teachers was of the utmost importance to the government.

“We are also aware of the parents’ concerns. The Prime Minister has made it very clear that the health and safety of children should be a top priority. The Class X exams are an important milestone in a student’s academic career. However, we will not allow anyone to suffer from the tests, ”he said, reassuringly.

Sunday’s meeting, Suresh said, could primarily focus on collecting stakeholder views on running the CBSE and ICSE exams for grade 12 students.

Many states, including Telangana, have canceled Grade 10 exams and declared “all passed.”

Even the center has announced that all Grade X students in the CBSC and ICSE schools have passed the exams as there is no way to take them due to the pandemic.

In Andhra Pradesh schools are currently closed for summer vacation until the end of the month, and grade 10 students have been asked to prepare for the exams using the current schedule. All teachers have been asked to come to school from June 1st.

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