Cong. accuses the government. for Dr. Sudhakar’s death


State Congress President S. Sailajanath made the YSRCP government for the death of Dr. K. Sudhakar, who was suspended from the Narsipatnam area hospital last year for criticizing the government’s inadequacies in handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a statement, the congressional leader said the medical professional was “harassed, branded as mentally unstable and publicly humiliated” for criticizing the government’s failure to provide doctors and medical staff treating coronavirus patients with adequate masks and PPE kits to make available lives in great risk.

He said the government’s actions were mentally debilitating for the front-line warrior who eventually died of cardiac arrest. He urged the government to take responsibility for Dr. To take over Sudhakar’s “murder” and take immediate action to help his family members.

The congress director claimed that Dr. Sudhakar had been targeted for being a Dalit and said the Dalit community felt insecure under Jagan’s rule.


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