Heavy rain damages harvested rice crops in Anantapur


The harvested rice crop was hit by heavy rain in the Anantapur district on Friday, affecting farmers in Kannekal and D. Hirehal due to the flooding of the open storage rooms.

The normally dry Vedavathi River (also known as Hagari), which originates from the western ghats of Karnataka, flows through the Ballari district to Andhra Pradesh. Farmers had to work overnight and in the morning to collect the rice, which from May 25th was held for sale or for delivery at the procurement center by the Civil Supply Department.

Paddy is grown on around 6,700 hectares in the Anantapur district, mainly in Rayadurg, Kannekal, D. Hirehal, Garladinne and Singanamala Mandals. The registration process started on May 1st.

Anantapur District recorded 70.2mm of rainfall versus a normal of 23.1mm and recorded a surplus of 203.9% for the month to date of May. On Friday, total precipitation in the district was 1,416.8 mm with an average of 22.5 mm. Beluguppa Mandal recorded 80.2 mm, the tallest, followed by Rayadurg 62.4 mm, Roddam 57 mm, and Kambadur 56 mm.

In the three summer months, the district recorded 103.6 mm from the normal value of 39.2 mm, which corresponds to a surplus of 164.3%. The Kurnool district, on the other hand, reached 70.2 mm compared to a normal value of 38.5 mm, which corresponds to an excess of 82%.


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