Government. Naidu claims he is trying to silence dissenting voices in the state

National President of the TDP, N. Chandrababu Naidu, hit the state government on Saturday for “mistreating” Narsapuram MP K. Raghu Ramakrishna Raju by filing a “false riot”.

It showed the autocratic workings of the YSRCP government aimed at silencing all dissenting voices in the state, Naidu told reporters during a virtual media conference he addressed on Saturday.

“SC observations”

“The Supreme Court’s observations during the hearings of the MP’s case are a disgrace to the state government,” said Naidu.

The Supreme Court said it believed it was Mr. Raju at first glance ill-treated while the CID was in custody, he added.

“During his arrest, Mr. Raju’s family members feared that he might be killed overnight in Guntur Prison,” said Mr. Naidu, appealing to people to reflect on the “excesses committed by the government.”

A situation had arisen in Andhra Pradesh in which no institution was safe, be it the courts or opposition parties, the press or civil society organizations.

Mr Naidu said it was unfortunate that a senior lawyer who argued for the government had stated that Mr Raju may have inflicted injuries himself during his transit from Guntur to the Secunderabad Army Hospital. The Supreme Court had to remind the learned attorney that Mr. Raju was in the custody of the AP police at the time, he added.

Speaking of concern about the “collapse of the rule of law” in the state, Mr. Naidu said that Prime Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy appeared to be under the deception that he could do what he wanted regardless of the constitutional rights.

Parishad polls

The supreme courts have placed serious restrictions on his government’s decisions, he said. The High Court had questioned Ms. Nilam Sawhney’s eligibility for the State Electoral Commission because she “brazenly misinterpreted and violated the Supreme Court order,” he added.

More than £ 160 million in public funds were wasted on running the MPTC and ZPTC elections, which have now been canceled by the High Court, he said.

“Who will take responsibility for this abuse – Ms. Nilam Sawhney or the Chief Minister or the Ministers?” he asked.

‘Government. Murder’

Mr. Naidu further said the death of the suspended Dr. Sudhakar from Visakhapatnam is a “government murder” when you consider how he was “harassed, targeted, arrested, beaten, branded as crazy and not paid until his last breath”. ”

Mr. Naidu also criticized the YSRCP government for “Abusing the Anandaiah Herbal Preparation” for COVID-19 in Krishnapatnam, Nellore District.

The government should have commissioned a study by scientists from the AYUSH department and the ICMR. Instead, it rushed to file a case against Mr. Anandaiah, he said.

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