Dr. Sudhakar, who criticized the state government for lack of masks, dies in hospital

Doctor K. Sudhakar, 55, who was suspended from Narsipatnam Area Hospital last year for openly criticizing the state government for not providing PPE kits, masks and to doctors and nurses who are being treated with COVID in hospitals had provided other protective equipment, died as a result of cardiac arrest late Thursday evening.

His last rites were performed on Friday and he is survived by his wife and two sons.

It is recalled that on April 8th last year he was suspended for criticizing the government, which caused quite a bit of controversy. The problem later took another turn: police allegedly mistreated him on the national highway near Akkayyapalem in Vizag town and the High Court ordered a CBI investigation into the problem.

During his treatment at KGH, he was taken to the Government Mental Health Hospital for treatment and mental health assessment. He was interviewed by the CBI at the facility.

According to his family members, the doctor had just recovered from COVID-19 and was recovering at his home in Seethammadhara when he reportedly died of cardiac arrest.

His family members also said the doctor has been depressed for the past few days as the final verdict on his case, due to be announced last week in April, was postponed.

His family members also said the doctor could hopefully be reinstated after the department’s recent examination.

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