Bring ambulances within reach of those in need

In Vizianagaram and Srikakulam districts, over 10 emergency services have been provided either free or at reasonable prices, with officials and non-governmental organizations intervening to control the exploitation of COVID-19 patients.

Ambulance owners and drivers are charging £ 15,000 to £ 20,000 even for distances of 50 to 100 km on the pretext of the personal risk involved in transporting COVID-19 patients, leaving the unfortunate people with no choice. The unavailability of beds in hospitals and the immediate availability of oxygen in ambulances are also said to be the reasons for high payments to the drivers. The fee for carrying the bodies of deceased patients is £ 25,000.

The transportation department has fixed tariffs ranging from £ 1,760 to £ 6,160 based on vehicle model, facilities and distance, but rarely met.

In these circumstances, some industries and non-governmental organizations have come forward to provide assistance. The Aurobindo Foundation, the corporate social responsibility division of Aurobindo Pharma Limited, has provided two emergency services for the two districts. “The services will be helpful to patients in need, including salaried employees and working-class families,” said NR Raja Reddy, senior general manager, Aurobindo Pharma.

Naa Vooru Vizianagaram, the Vizianagaram Youth Facebook Group and Gowri Seva Sangham have arranged free ambulance services for patients. “After the consultation, some ambulance drivers understood that charging high fees when patients are in need is not good for them. We pay around £ 4,000 per trip. The drivers are also happy when they get more trips through our organization, ”says Gummuluri Vishala The Hindu.

According to transport officials, people can complain to the vehicle inspectors JVSS Prasad (9154294414) and U. Durga Prasad (9154294615) against owners and drivers of ambulances.

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