Relay hunger strike against the privatization of the VSP turns 100 on Saturday

The relay hunger strike, observed by workers at the Visakhapatnam Steel Mill (VSP) under the auspices of the Visakha Ukku Parirakshana Porata Committee, which spoke out against the privatization of VSP, continued on Friday the 99th day in the steel mill arch in Kurmannapalem.

The committee heads of the MMSM, STM and SBM departments as well as the employees took part in the relay hunger strike. Porata Committee Chairman D. Adinarayana welcomed the Assembly’s unanimous resolution against the Centre’s decision to privatize the VSP. He called on the center to revoke its decision at least now and to appreciate the resolution against privatization. He also demanded that the state government not limit itself to passing the resolution, but rather put pressure on the center to withdraw its decision.

The chairman of the Porata Committee, K. Satyanarayana, the leaders U. Venkateswarlu, J. Ramakrishna, Suribabu, Ravi, Demudu and Ramana Murthy were among the participants.

Committee chairman J. Ayodhya Ram said the committee had decided to hold a protest with a 100-foot banner to mark the 100th day of the relayed hunger strike on Saturday.

The protest will take place from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. observing all COVID-19 protocols.

Meanwhile, Marpu Sarat of the VSP Steel Executive Association said in a statement on the eve of the 100th day of VSP’s hunger strike that the center’s claim that the VSP was losing money was not true. VSP management had announced that the plan had achieved record sales in fiscal year 2020/21. He described it as a second phase in the history of the facility. The CMD itself had announced that the facility had made a profit of £ 740 billion in one month. Mr. Sarat noted that it was regrettable that the Center did not take these facts into account.

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