£ 68,000 crore agricultural budget presented

Agriculture Minister K. Kanna Babu presented the agricultural budget to the Legislative Assembly on Thursday with a total expenditure of £ 68,000. A significant portion of this (£ 23,104 crore) goes towards purchasing rice and other crops.

YSR Rythu Bharosa-PM Kisan received 17,030 crore and 1,038 crore was paid in compensation for crops lost during natural disasters.

The government allocated 17,430 crore to supply the agricultural sector with free electricity and 1,700 crore to increase the capacity of farm feed.

The micro-irrigation sector received 1,224 crore and 300 crore was earmarked for subsidizing funds for the Bengal gram harvest. An amount of 1,520 crore of £ 1.50 was made available to power the aquaculture sector.

Other key allocations include £ 688 crore for non-interest loan waivers and Pavala Vaddi loans, and £ 960 crore for paddy procurement fees.

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