Ensuring the dignity of the dead: Tirupati MLA

Describing the incidents of relatives abstaining from performing the final rites of a disruptive COVID victim, Tirupati MLA B. Karunakar Reddy emphasized the need to give an appropriate goodbye to people dying of COVID-19.

The MLA, in a conversation with The Hindusaid he conducted funeral rites on at least 29 unclaimed bodies last week to reassure the public, adding that his staff have performed the final rites on over 500 unclaimed bodies since the pandemic broke out.

“People who strictly adhere to protocols should show their loved ones their last respect. This is a time to be careful, not to be afraid, ”he added.

When asked about measures to combat the spread, he replied that a £ 19 billion grant had been released for SVIMS super specialty hospital and a 13-KL employee oxygen facility had been installed at BIRRD hospital, alongside the facility of 300 beds.

He also recognized the role of volunteers in disseminating useful and real information to the public regarding the vaccination campaign and the availability of vaccines in various health centers. Mr Reddy appealed to the public to stay inside and only venture out if the circumstances were imperative, and advised them not to fall prey to fear.

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