Curfew violators receive a new type of punishment

Curfews were re-punished on Thursday in Srikakuam. The youths who moved after noon for no good reason were instructed to hold posters and signs at Surya Mahal Intersection, 7 Road Intersection, and other locations.

Messages such as “Please maintain social distance”, “Please use masks in public places”, “Do not violate curfews” were written on these boards.

District inspector Ambedkar told the media that the curfew violations would be asked to work with police to control the spread of COVID-19 at the district headquarters. “The police are working very hard to put in place a curfew, which is aimed at protecting people’s lives. But some hurt on purpose. This type of punishment is applied to violators for the first time. Next time we will book cases against them, ”he added.

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