Riots: TV channels despise SC contempt lawsuits against Jagan government.

Andhra government. They are trying to silence the media about how to deal with the COVID-19 crisis

Two Telugu broadcasters on Tuesday accused the Andhra government, led by YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, of attempting to “silence” the media and critics about the state’s handling of the “silence” COVID-19 crisis.

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TV5, represented by attorney Vipin Nair, and ABN Andhrajyothi, said the state accused them of rioting for reporting the pandemic “impartially”.

“Just because the content of the news, which is reported impartially, criticizes a government or is not to its taste, does not mean that the news agency has committed an act of sedition or hatred. This would directly run counter to freedom of the press, ”said ABN, represented by Guntur Pramod Kumar, in his petition.

“Vague” FIR

TV5 said the “vague” FIR is having a terrifying effect on freedom of expression in the media.

“The FIR’s attempt is to create a chilling effect on news channels in the state so that any news broadcaster is wary of hosting content that is critical of the government. By filing a vague FIR and abusing the legal process, the state seeks to silence its critics and the media, ”TV5 said.

Both channels have urged the Supreme Court to initiate a denial process against senior Andhra government officials for violating a Supreme Court order dated April 30, “all direct and indirect threats of prosecution and arrest of citizens who voice their complaints, to discontinue immediately “. .

The Andhra government went “one step ahead” to punish the media, the broadcasters said.

The FIR registered by the CID Andhra claims that a conspiracy against the state government is underway.

Critical remarks

TV5 said it had broadcast critical remarks by ruling YSRC MP K. Raghu Ramakrishna Raju about the state’s handling of the COVID crisis. This angered the state government. Mr. Raju himself is in custody for sedition and has already turned to the Apex Court on bail.

“The state government is endeavoring to suppress the right to freedom of expression by hindering media coverage of the management of COVID-19. While the state has a record number of cases, the government’s focus is on covering up the reality and spreading false propaganda, ”the petition reads.

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