Emergency Care of the Hour in AP’s Diviseema Islands: Former Deputy Speaker Mandali Buddha Prasad

Former deputy spokesman Mandali Buddha Prasad has urged the state government to provide 24/7 medical and health care on the five islands between the Krishna River and the Bay of Bengal in the Diviseema region of Krishna district.

Almost 4,500 to 5,000 people live on the five islands, mostly fishermen. Nachugunta, Eelachetladibba, Edurumondi, Brahamayyagarimoola and Yesupuram in the Diviseema region.

Speak with The Hindu On May 18, Buddha Prasad said by phone, “The state government should recognize the geographic challenges and transportation problems on the islands during the health emergency. The primary health center on Edurumondi Island should be converted into a COVID care center that offers 24/7 COVID treatment and quarantine facilities. “

Mr. Buddha Prasad added that due to their design and the size of their houses, the communities, mainly fishermen, on the islands do not have the luxury of using their houses for the establishment of “house isolation”.

In early May, I alerted the state government to the need to view the archipelago as a separate block for the implementation of the COVID Action Plan to prevent the spread of the disease, surge and mortality in the islands. Until mid-May, the situation is alarming as there is a need for medical and medical care around the clock, ”said Buddha Prasad.

“The five islands only have access to a boat to cross the Krishna River and reach the mainland. However, the COVID-19 patients were unable to cross the river on their own boats in the event of a health emergency during the night. The CCC will help avoid travel to the mainland, ”noted Buddha Prasad.

By May 18, district authorities have yet to complete the fever screen and medical tests to determine the exact number of COVID-19 cases and their health on the islands. However, at least 25 COVID-19 cases and one death have been reported.

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