COVID Care Center wanted on five islands in Diviseema

Former deputy spokesman Mandali Buddha Prasad has asked the state government to provide 24/7 health services to the five islands of the Krishna River and Bay of Bengal in the Diviseema region.

At least 25 coronavirus cases and one death have been reported so far from the five islands of Nachugunta, Eelachetladibba, Edurumondi, Brahamayyagarimoola and Yesupuram. As of Tuesday, East Godavari authorities had yet to complete the fever screening to determine the exact number of COVID-19 cases.

“Almost 4,500 to 5,000 people live on these islands, mostly fishermen. The government should consider the geographic challenges and transportation issues during a health emergency. The PHC in Edurumondi should be converted into the 24/7 COVID Care Center, ”said Buddha Prasad The Hindu via phone. Residents cannot strive for home isolation given the design and size of their homes, he stressed.

The former deputy spokesman said he had alerted the government to the need to view the islands as a separate block for the implementation of the COVID action plan in early May. “The situation is now alarming and warrants 24/7 health services. The people here use punts to cross Krishna and it is difficult to do so during a health emergency during the night. A COVID Care Center will be very helpful in this situation, ”he said.

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