A home for COVID patients

The COVID Care Center in Thondavada has a TV, books and facilities for indoor games

In order to provide the best possible health care to the coronavirus patients in a relaxed environment, the district administration of Chittoor has taken all necessary precautions at the Thondavada COVID Care Center near Tirupati.

Patients with mild symptoms will receive a welcome kit with 32 items upon arrival at the COVID Care Center. They have their own well-defined daily routine: they eat nutritious food, read spiritual and historical books, watch two films on TV every day, and play indoor games like carom and chess.

The move aims to have patients treated in a relaxed environment without creating tension. The COVID Care Center is almost a home away from home, ”says G. Pushpa, a patient from the Chandragiri constituency.

The idea of ​​converting Heera Urdu College into a Covid Care Center first came from TUDA chairman Ch.Bhaskar Reddy and collector M. Hari Narayanan instructed Revenue Divisional Officer Kanaka Narasa Reddy to do the same.

Up to 250 beds were provided in 33 rooms of the five-story building to facilitate isolation in the event of the COVID disorder. Ten beds have emergency oxygen support. The staff for health, paramedics, hygiene and catering were assigned according to the requirements.

Mr Bhaskar Reddy offered £ 2,500 per capita in addition to the government-set pay. The COVID Care Center has, among other things, an X-ray facility, a diagnostic laboratory and a pharmacy.

‘No news’

However, authorities have decided not to allow patients to watch news channels on television to ensure that patients are not affected by the disruptive developments of the pandemic such as infection spikes and deaths, bed shortages, oxygen starvation and shortages of vaccines and etc.

“It will ensure the psychological well-being of the patients,” says Mr. Reddy. An individual diet plan was created for the patients who are served lentils, chicken, fish and ragi sangati.

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