The second Oxygen Express arrives in Guntur


The second Oxygen Express with 76.39 tons of liquid medical oxygen (LMO) chugged onto the Concor siding in Nallapadu in Guntur on Sunday.

The LMO special began on May 14 at the Reliance Rail Terminal at Kanalus Station in Gujarat and took 31.30 hours to reach its destination at a distance of 1,854 km.

Given the rapid rise in COVID-19 cases and a significant increase in the demand for LMO in different parts of the country, the railways have created a signal-free green corridor that is safe, hassle-free and quick to transport oxygen to different parts of the country.

The LMO was later decanted into the containers for delivery to various medical facilities across the state.

On this occasion, the Chief Secretary (Transport) and Special Representative MT Krishna Babu, Special Representative (Media) Arja Srikanth, AS Dinesh Kumar District Collector, Senior Railway Manager Ram Babu and Commercial Director Narendra Varma were present.


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