Ongole Jugend contracted black fungus infection

The family members of 26-year-old P. Srivasulu breathed a sigh of relief when doctors said he had recently recovered from coronavirus infection.

However, the relief passed when the youths living in the Seetharamapuram area complained of blurred vision a few days after their recovery.

After a consultation, the doctor diagnosed a black fungus infection. His wife, who is six months pregnant, sought crowdfunding to cover medical costs for mucormycosis, which is expected to be up to £ 20.

“We have already spent over £ 3.50 lakh on an operation performed on Mr Srivasulu at a Chennai hospital,” said his wife.

At the suggestion of some ophthalmologists in Ongole, Mr. Srivasulu and his wife went from one hospital to another in Hyderabad before admitting him to a super specialty hospital.

Then Mr Srivasulu was referred to the SRM Institute of Science and Technology in Chennai, where he is now recovering, she added.

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