Uday returns to lead the Maoist movement in the AOB region

Security forces see it as a strategic step after any setbacks, including handing over high-ranking leader Krishna

Gajarla Ravi aka Uday, secretary of the banned CPI (Maoist) in the Andhra Odisha Border Special Zonal Committee (AOBSZC), who has not been in the AOB region for some time, is back to lead the movement.

Uday had been hiding in the safe areas of Chhattisgarh about a year ago when he was suffering from severe diabetes and other health problems.

However, reports confirm that Uday is back to take stock of movement in the AOB region.

Uday’s return is known to be related to the recent handover of Muttannagari Jalandhar Reddy aka Krishna, a senior member of the CPI (Maoist) in the AOBSZC.

Big hit

Krishna’s surrender is seen as a severe blow to the Maoist movement in the AOB region as he is the oldest leader and trained military strategist. He also had a significant impact on party members and tribesmen in the region.

Since the exchange of fire in Ramaguda in the AOB region in October 2016, in which more than 30 Maoists were killed by the greyhounds, the elite anti-Naxal force of Andhra Pradesh, the left-wing extremists have lost control of the region.

The top Maoist leadership had been almost wiped out in the incident, and some like Uday, Ramakrishna aka RK and Chalapathi had rebuilt the movement. All three have gone into hibernation.

It is learned that Uday has returned to curb surrender, revitalize the movement and, most importantly, find a suitable replacement for Krishna, says a senior police officer involved in anti-Maoist operations.

There were a number of encounters following the Ramaguda incident in which some top leaders like Jambri were killed. And then came the surrender of high-ranking leaders like Naveen.

These developments, along with the security forces penetrating deeply on both sides of the AOB and setting up armed outposts in locations inside such as Rudakota on the Andhra Pradesh side and Jantapayi, Hantalaguda and Darlabeda on the Odisha side, have weakened the LWE significantly.

At that point, the surrender of Krishna was a heavy blow to the movement, and the burden has fallen on Aruna.

The security forces see Uday’s return as a strategic move by the Maoist Central Committee and the Military Commission.

Impact on the pandemic

In addition to surrenders, territorial rule by the security forces and encounters, the COVID-19 pandemic is another factor that has hit the Maoists hard.

According to sources, around 150 Maoists have contracted the virus in Chhattisgarh, particularly in the districts bordering Odisha such as Sukma and Bastar. This has restricted their cross-border movement.

“With all of these factors in mind, Uday’s entry is as expected,” said a senior police officer.

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