Naval Dockyard teams repair two oxygen systems in Nellore and Srikalahasthi

Teams from the Naval Dockyard, Visakhapatnam made a major breakthrough repairing two large oxygen systems in Nellore and Srikalahasthi, which significantly increased the state’s oxygen supply during the pandemic.

At the request of the state administration, the Eastern Naval Command had flown the specialist teams of the Naval Dockyard of Dornier Aircraft from Visakhapatnam about a week ago.

The teams successfully repaired the oxygen systems on Sunday morning by overhauling the compressors and replacing certain adapters and accessories made at the shipyard.

The Krishna Teja oxygen facility in Nellore is a large cryogenic facility that can load 400 jumbo bottles a day and has not been functional for six years. The marine team carried out the repairs to the facility and managed to reach the cryogenic temperature of minus 186 ° Celsius and also achieved the required oxygen outlet pressure to load the bottles. The analysis of the output consists of 98% oxygen, 0% carbon monoxide and 0.01% carbon dioxide, which corresponds to the requirements for medical grade oxygen.

The plant in Srikalahasthi near Tirupati is a large plant based on VPSA (Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology and capable of generating 16,000 liters per minute. The marine team made repairs to the facility and achieved the required performance for medical grade oxygen above 93%, 0% carbon monoxide and 0.02% carbon dioxide by making the necessary adjustments to the facility’s column and moisture uptake. The specialist teams, led by Commander Dipayan, worked tirelessly with engineering teams from the State Health Department for nearly seven days to get the job done.

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